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What is Crittr?

Crittr is at your service! Here’s what you can do on our app

Book our verified professionals and have vets, groomers, walkers, and trainers right at your doorstep! Pamper or heal your pet at the tap of a finger.

Find out how you can contribute to help animals around you. Adopting, fostering, activism and donating big or small goes a long way in making a difference.

Use our cook book, blog, and vaccination chart, and go the extra mile in caring for your fur baby.


Our mission

All pet care with a ‘tap of a finger’.

Crittr is a collective of like minded individuals who use their talents in making the world an easier, kinder space for pets and strays alike.

We also believe in kindness to strangers - especially the furry ones without a home! Rescue, adoption, and care for strays, thus sits at the core of our mission.

Soon, we hope to build a larger Crittr community: of pet parents, animal lovers and rescuers, so we can all do our bit in being there for our feathery, furry and scaly friends.