Crittr Who’s A God Boy Dogs Teach You Empathy

Who’s a god boy? Dogs teach you empathy

I’m not the only one of the opinion that dogs are angels sent from heaven. You must have heard of rescue or therapy dogs. ‘Loyal,’ ‘loving,’ and ‘helpful’ are adjectives that are quite often associated with them. And it’s the undeniable truth that dogs can teach us empathy and other wonderful qualities.

Fetching empathy 

We know this spiritually, but studies have also shown that children who grow up with pets learn to be more empathetic. When young ones care for a pet, they automatically learn to be less self-absorbed. Empathy involves comprehending facial expressions, gestures and body language. Kids with pets have to pick up on nonverbal cues very early simply because this is the only way an animal can communicate.   

Great pets, great responsibilities

Just as I am the guiding light for my flock, parents must teach their children well. Assigning age-appropriate tasks to children like asking younger kids to pet the dog gently or fill up their pets’ food bowl and asking teenagers to walk the dog is a good idea. It makes them feel confident and improves their self-esteem as well as teaches them to take responsibility.

Buster busts stress 

Petting a dog is easy as inhaling and exhaling. It’s probably why it’s extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Dogs sense our emotions and when you interact with them, it lowers both of your blood pressures. It can be difficult for children to express certain overwhelming feelings of sadness and anger. Especially when they have to share the same story repeatedly as a coping strategy, talking to animals can be ideal. In this way, it helps children pick up reading as well. Reading aloud to a patient dog can give children the much needed practice as well as remove some of the embarrassment and fear of failure.

Courage and compassion 

Having a dog is akin to having an eternal child. There are limits to their understanding and abilities and often you will have to clean up after them and pay for their mistakes. And as sad as it is, owning a dog comes with the eventuality of having to outlive them. Dogs present humans with such valuable lessons of living in the moment, overcoming fear and discomfort, planning and acceptance. 

Dogs are great! A companion teaching compassion! 

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