Great options to packaged pet food

Supermarket surprises: Great options to packaged pet food

Behold! I have given you every type of pet food option available and access in most supermarkets. Whoever goes there, their pet shall not hunger and your pet shall commend you for it.

Dog’s dinner

Did you know that the majority of pets in India are dogs? It’s a good place to start. You must give your dog non-processed food, keep away from salty, spicy, sugary and fatty foods. Give him some cooked, skinless and boneless lean meat mixed with rice and dal. Some dogs enjoy a xylitol-free peanut butter treat, yoghurt and fruits like bananas and blueberries, or if you mix pulses, vegetables and rice and bake it into a cookie and give some canine-replacement milk for dessert! if you’re in a pinch. You could also ask your butcher for some leftover meat, a packet of broken rice should cost you no more than Rs. 30, add gandhak or sulphur crystals, some turmeric, and pressure cook this mixture before feeding it to your dog.

Kitty corner

I call on all cat persons to be curious about the multiple options of protein available. Get real friendly with your fish seller.  You can opt for cooked eggs, chicken, sweet potato without the skin and white rice, barley, oatmeal, corn, peas or pasta. Eggs and cottage cheese for breakfast cut into bite sizes, a chicken stew with brown rice and carrots and peas for lunch, boiled deboned fish for dinner and you’ll soon see that cats can also be man’s best friend.  

Fishy food

You’ve pushed your cart around and come up on the fish food aisle, so pick up some carrot, peas, cucumbers, cod, shrimp and gelatine. Grind them into a paste, add some water and make the gelatine mix separately and then add it to the puree. Freeze this mix and use it to feed your fishies when you need. Pro tip: blanch the vegetables and go for the unflavoured gelatine. If you have a betta fish, include white fish, shrimp and other sort of meat in the mix.

Need for seed

It’s the birds that hover close to Heaven but I imagine all this might take up a lot of energy. You swoop right in and let them have some of that tasty apple, melon, orange or banana and veggies like asparagus, celery, peas, and other leafy greens. Best part? You don’t have to do anything but wash them well. You can give it to them raw! (If it’s beans, rice or larger seeds, you’ll have to cook them). Feed them small quantities of millet, peanuts, or flaked maize and watch them sing.

Small animal, big tummy

Yes, your bunny probably loves carrots but if you fall into the rabbit hole of their dietary requirements you’ll soon be looking for leafy greens, and grass and hay – as this constitutes a large part of their diet. One cup of greens for every 2 lbs of loveable rabbit. But give them lesser quantities of greens high in oxalic acid and starch sugars. Carrot tops, kale, cucmner leaves, turnip greens, wheat grass, mint leaves are good options. For non-leafy veggies, feed them carrots, cabbage, celery, or bell peppers.For hamsters and gerbils too you can try chicory, cauliflower, broccoli, pear, peach and banan, apples, carrot or cucumbers. But remember, a cube or two of this is enough. For protein you can introduce boiled egg and meal worms in his diet. But never feed them anything citrus or sticky.  

Life is full of surprises, even for the beast of a righteous human who mixes it up from time to time. Whether the cause be allergies or to purely pamper your pet, do your own experimenting to see which food is right for your friend.

“How steadfast is thy love to the beast is not measured in his food but in his happiness, health and glow.”

(Pet Veda 24:19)