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Laws that protect those with paws: pets, owners and their The Animal Welfare Board-given rights

All my children have free will and exercise it. In fact, there are more things on earth than heaven that curb freedoms or regulate them. But amongst these are also those laws that ensure them. Do you know your animal rights?

To pet or not to pet

The guidelines of the Animal Welfare Board in India are sacred. First, you should know that you’re only allowed to keep as pets: dogs, cats, certain birds like finches, pigeons and parrots, poultry, fishes reared in aquariums, horses, pigs, ponies and rabbits and cattle. But you are not allowed to keep rodents, turtles or bears and birds like parakeets. Now that you understand what legally constitutes a pet, we can move on to who these guidelines apply to – pet owners, care-givers of street dogs and residents’ welfare and apartment owners’ associations.

Say no to animal abuse

Animals have the right to be free of cruelty. This means no one can shoo away or hurt a street dog. If it comes to that, and the street dog is agitated, he is allowed to resort to snapping and biting in self-defense. Dogs will bark and these guidelines make sure they can. Humans will just have to tolerate it. They can also defecate on the streets, especially street animals who have nowhere to go, and they can enter any garden or park they want and when they want to.

Pets can enter elevators

Just as you have your demands from me, animals have their own from you. Stray animals and pets are entitled to regular vaccinations and healthcare. Pets can also enter elevators. Under no circumstances can the society or group can intimidate a person to abandon his pet. Owners have the right to keep their pets, even against general consensus. Though no one can charge you a fine if you don’t pick up your pet’s excreta, or force you to muzzle or put him on a leash, they can certainly request you to do so.

Power and responsibility

Nature is all about balance and so these rights come with certain duties on the part of the pet owner. Owners must give their pets constant attention, as if they’re toddlers. It’s also up to you to ensure that your pet is not a source of never-ending nuisance to others this includes picking up your pet’s poop and keeping them on a leash in public places. Owners are also advised to use alternative elevators wherever possible and do everything in their power to keep their pet quiet at night. Lastly, they can never abandon their pet. Not only is it a mortal sin, but it’s illegal.

Street smart

For our regular good samaritans, I’m talking about you do-gooder care-givers to street dogs, there are a bunch of ways you can help. It starts by showing kindness to them. Try participating in the sterilization and vaccination process of the dogs in your locality and make sure they are returned to their original spot. In order to avoid littering, feed the dogs in a private place or your residence or try to clean up after them.

And there you have it, good feelings follow good actions. Good day and my blessings!