Crittr Your kitten’s nutrition for her future well being

How important is your kitten’s nutrition for her future well-being?…….Very!

As an immortal being, I can tell you that everything is connected. Even if you don’t believe in karma, or the what goes around, comes around laws of the universe, you cannot deny that the well-being of an adult cat starts with the nutrition she receives as a kitten and even her mother’s health.  

Yo Mama so healthy

It’s a simple truth that you are what you eat and you are what your mother eats. The mama cat’s diet can either increase or decrease the risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer, blood pressure, heart and gastrointestinal disease. A malnourished cat, either over- or underweight will have a prolonged labour, develop eclampsia, produce less milk, give birth to kittens with poor immunity or even miscarry. Pregnant cats, like kittens, need more nutrients and protein and fat in their diet, compared to an adult cat so switching to kitten formula could be for the better.

When less is less

Even if you haven’t been around as long as I have, you will be able to tell that your kitten is underweight if her ribs are obvious and she has a small abdominal tuck where her stomach appears sucked in and her backbone is prominent. Low birth weight and malnutrition can cause diarrhea, dehydration, hypoglycemia, hypothermia and greatly decrease the chances of the kitten’s survival. Even if she does survive into adulthood, she will be a weak cat with all kinds of complications. This kitten needs special attention. A trip to the vet is a must, meanwhile try feeding it kitten milk replacement around the clock, even overnight.

Fat cats 

Obesity in cats is a sign that their guardians have shot from benevolence to malevolence. Your kitten is on her way to becoming a fat cat if you can’t feel her bones easily under her fat and her abdomen is round and waist invisible. It’s no secret that overfeeding leads to obesity, but pet owners tend to underestimate its consequences on the heath of their growing kitten. It starts out with your cat turning more lethargic and prone to infections like UTIs. Eventually it leads to diabetes, liver disease, pancreatitis and even death. Put your cat on a diet, take portions of her main meal when you need to reward her with treats. Get her to play with you, switch up her toys and get her ones that motivate her hunter’s instinct.

The hand of evil

Maybe you haven’t been overfeeding or underfeeding your kitten. Maybe you’ve been extremely kind, as gentle as an angel and your little fur ball is still suffering. This could be due to the agents of evil – little parasites like worms and germs. Something could have survived the regular cycle of vaccinations and deworming and you might not have noticed or it could even be the lack of beneficial bacteria in your kitten’s digestive tract that might be causing all sorts of problems. You will do well to run to the vet with your pet.

“Be not devil may care about the health of a future cat, for the devil’s always in the details.”    

  (Pet Veda)