Crittr Is my cat possessed by a demon or poisoned?

Is my cat possessed by a demon or poisoned?

Behold the intrepid cat! Ever so curious about her surroundings, the feline is always sniffing, licking playing and exploring. Ah, she has a mind of her own and the world is her oyster. But you know what they say about curiosity and cats… Like the apostle John and Meera the devotee, your cat too has ingested poison. If you act fast, like my disciples, Fluffy too might live.

Something got the cat’s tongue

Like the avatars of certain Gods, cats have adventurous lives. As a parent you might not know the places they have travelled. Or perhaps she licked something sinful while self-grooming her coat. Whichever the case, cats have a harder time recovering than dogs, because of their size and different biological mechanisms. Go through your shopping to see if her adventure has led her to grapes, raisins, garlic, onions, caffeine, alcohol or chocolate. These foods are taboo for them. So are certain painkillers and human medication.

Garden of death

The cat was safe only in the garden of Eden. The one she might have ran about in, could have had some lilies, chrysanthemum, poppies, dumb cane, peonies, marigold, cornflowers, delphinium, ferns or ivy — all of which can poison your cat. Certain flea or tick products, antifreeze, weedicides and pesticides and rodent kill can be toxic too.    

It’s a sign

Wait a second! How do you know it’s poisoning and not harmless demonic possession? Firstly, your cat isn’t levitating and speaking in foreign languages,  Your cat is drooling and uncoordinated like the monster Kirtimukha. His body is shaking with fits or seizures, he has difficulty breathing and he’s vomiting or urinating too much. He’s unusually thirsty, lethargic or weak and depressed. Check for yellowish or pale gums.

Hunting for clues

You have an inkling that it’s some sort of poisoning but don’t stick you fingers down his throat and force him to throw up. Don’t panic and don’t try treating your cat yourself. Just rush your cat to the vet. Sin leaves a trail. If you find what your cat has consumed (or rather what has consumed your cat), take it to the vet for analysis.Take samples of your cat’s vomit or stool to examine as well. The earlier you take your cat for treatment, the better the chances of recovery.

Through the looking glass

As you wait for a miracle, expect to see intravenous fluids, medications, activated charcoal, a stomach pump. When your cat is out of danger, you will need to monitor his diet and keep him on medication, while he recuperates. There will be follow up visits to the vet. Alert your vet immediately if you see the symptoms return.

Take the poison out of the chalice

The moral of the lesson is prevention is better than cure. If you haven’t already cat proofed your home and kept all hazards to his health away, make it a priority. Put toxic substances in carefully sealed containers, Clean up spills right away. Don’t leave your medicines on the edge, where they can be easily knocked over. Watch out for common household items that can cause your cat to choke like toys, home decoration, chicken bones and so on. 

Dear ones, accidents are common and they are nobody’s fault. So forgive yourself and I wish your cat a speedy recovery.

‘Princess Whiskers of Lonavala went to war

Put her nose in lilies, ate some grapes

Till she threw up and more, had the shakes

But the wise parent wasted no time

He collected samples from the scene of crime

Took the cat to the vet early, he secured their home So his precious Princess could freely roam’