Crittr Feline food habits Want to get to your cat’s tongue

Feline food habits: Want to get to your cat’s tongue?

Some gods have favourite foods, but will eat and bless all offerings. If only things were that simple with your cat. Some cats eat everything, others are rather picky. Food habits change as the kitten grows, the worm turns and your kinship turns immortal.

As hungry as a kitten

If your cat is a baby, like the many avatars and sons of gods, they will need to eat more frequently.  Up to six months of age, they must be fed thrice a day. And from six months to one-year old cats need to be fed twice a day. After that you and your cat can choose whether to eat once or twice a day. As long as they are healthy and don’t have other medical issues, this should be fine. My hand hovers over him for protection.

“Cat call”

Just like you heed the call for prayer at fixed times, you have to fix a time to feed your cat and commit to the schedule. Pay attention to your cat’s preferences. If you’re introducing Fluffy to new food, keep it next to a bowl of her old food to familiarize her. It might take a day or two for her to get used to it. Don’t worry about giving her only dry food, and no wet food. Go with it if she likes it, after all she rules the world. If you have multiple pets, give them each separate bowls. Cats don’t eat in noisy places or where they might feel trapped.

Eating like a king

Abide by me, if you’re giving your cat cooked food, mix in recommended supplements. Some cats love whole grains, corn and rice. Canned is fine, but raw meat, fish and eggs is forbidden. Go easy on the dairy, it’s difficult for them to digest it and can give them diarrhoea. Vegetables and fruits are good but grapes, onions, garlic, raisins, macadamia nuts, artificial sweeteners, chocolate and alcohol is taboo. Giving your cat treats is okay, but extras should be rare and special, like a festival, or it can lead to obesity.


If your cat is throwing up all the manna dew you are feeding him, it could be that he is either getting too hungry in between meals or you’re overfeeding him. Make adjustments to the feeding schedule so that you’re feeding him smaller portions more frequently. Take him to the vet if you see no improvement. Ask about your pet’s body score, if he or she is underweight or overweight and before making extreme dietary changes.

Scaredy, sickly cat

Cats don’t observe fasts! Not eating is not normal for cats. It could mean that they’re sick or too anxious. It could also be because Fluffy’s recently got her shots, is in unfamiliar surroundings. But when changing up the food and ritual routine fail, and your cat still doesn’t have an appetite, it could be indicative of anything from an infection to kidney failure. Time to place your faith in your vet.

Hear the bells ring? Keep an alarm to never miss feeding your cat. An automated feeder is also a good idea. Give it time and you will learn all about every little thing about your cat, chow time included. Bless you!

‘Being full of spirit is not enough, food is key to keeping

the pet cat’s body and soul together. Reaping

the benefits of good, timely nutrition

is better than sitting in contrition’