The whole world in your hand how to welcome your new pet Hamster Crittr

The whole world in your hand: how to welcome your new pet “Hamster”

Mine is a mighty and personal love for all creatures, big and small. How small, you ask? Try getting home a pet hamster! Hamsters are first pets for a lot of people and on a wheel, a popular metaphor for virtuous hard work. If you have indeed brought home the adorable fur ball, you’ll need to know how to care for them and begin your special journey.

Don’t act cagey

Today, cages are not the prerogative of hell any more than hamsters are the harbingers of the plague. So feel free to purchase a glass box or a cage, this will be your hamster’s room. Look for one with solid walls and a base, so he won’t escape. It should have enough holes for ventilation and is large enough for Mickey to move around.

Don’t cut corners

Just like you might have checked the vastu or energy of the house you move into, keep your master’s cage in a safe location, where it won’t be knocked over by children. Don’t keep it directly in the sunlight, especially if it’s a glass box. Don’t put it in a damp, cold place either. Choose a quiet place till your hamster gets used to your home. You set up mangers, baskets, shoulders and sometimes, even silk for my sleep. For my sake, your hamster can get absorbent, nontoxic bedding in his cage. Shredded paper or processed corn cobs are dust free and won’t irritate your hamster’s skin. Avoid printed newspaper, cheddar chips and fresh pine, as it can be toxic. Spread this bedding material over the floor of the cage.

Chew on this

You all need your daily bread, so does your hamster. Fix a stoppered water bottle on the side of the cage and fill it with water. Place a heavy food dish that the hamster can’t knock over.  Consider ceramic, thick glass or concrete dishes so your hamster can eat his food in glory and gladness. For two weeks feed them the same food as the previous owner. Put a light cloth on the cage and leave them undisturbed for this period. Talk to them, get them used to your voice and gradually you can try letting them eat out of your hand.

Ideas Hamster

As your heart is filled with hope and faith, fill the cage up with toys like the hamster’s wheel or ball. Some inexpensive options are toilet paper tubes and empty boxes. Spread these around the cage so your hamster can go back and forth and have fun. If you can afford it, buy a hamster house and put it in the cage, away from the door. It’s fun and they can sleep in it. If you have more than one hamster, get a larger house.

Mice and men

It’s time for the great pilgrimage! Find the nearest shelter to bring your hamster home, to reduce travel time. Get him in a plastic cage and hold it securely in the car. Hamsters don’t get lonely so they’re fine if you don’t get another one. But they are territorial. In case you already have one, get another cage with a divider in the middle. Put both of your hamsters in it on either side and ensure both have access to water and food. Keep switching their sides so they get used to the scent. After a week, try removing the divider. If they fight, separate them and try again. If all else fails, put them in different cages. 

Dear ones you got another’s life in your hands and their whole world too. With great power comes great responsibility!