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Adoption 101: for lost souls

I created all beasts, every winged creature and everything that has the breath of life in it. And now I gift them to your ark. You are there. You’ve thought about it for months and you want to share your home. You’re ready for a bigger, richer family. Mount, incarnation, vehicle or divine attribute, with my blessings, it’s time to adopt a pet. You can either purchase a purebred or adopt a homeless innocent from a shelter. You can also adopt a stray, the noblest deed of all. 

Know what you’re getting into and be prepared

Take a deep breath, clear your mind and do your research. Before adopting a pet, evaluate your house, lifestyle and personalty. Do you have plenty of room? Are you allergic? Some pets require temperature control and a lot of space, some are more active and playful, some pets live for long. Once you have decided, learn about the costs of taking care of that pet from vet visits, vaccinations, dewormers to grooming and breed risk diseases. 

It’s everybody’s ark

I hear it in your prayers, many people have completely different ideas about what they want.  Before adoption, make sure each member of your family is on board about the size, personality and kind of pet to adopt. Delegate responsibilities to avoid scraps on who is taking the pet out in the middle of the night, whose turn it is to feed it and so on. This also applies to the pets you may already own.

Stronghold for the oppressed

It’s a good idea to take a pilgrimage to the NGO or the streets. You and your family can play with your future friend. Call ahead and see if you can bring your other pets to the shelter to see how they get along with other animals. Ask about the paperwork, some places may require to see leases and vet references. Also discuss the pet’s vaccination and deworming history.

Stray love

If you are planning to gift a stray animal refuge, a shelter from the storm, don’t assume they are stray. Run a search on the internet to ensure they aren’t missing or someone else’s pets. Find out if it’s legal for you to adopt that stray. You may have to report the stray to the local authority before you can adopt him or her.  If you find a feral stray, you should also report him/her. If the stray is traumatised and seems timid, appear nonthreatening and offer food, to see how friendly they are. Take the animal to a vet and test it for any diseases, genetic conditions and infections. 


Chin up and take solace. Sometimes, a pet is not the right fit for the family. If you are really unable to keep the pet – don’t leave them on the street. Take the animal back to the NGO OR contact all the ones in your city immediately.

But if things do work out… Ooh, heaven is a place on earth! The new pet will take some time to get used to his new home. See this transition process with love.