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Subtle signs your dog’s barking mad at you

It’s easy to know wrath from benevolence in humans and gods, but you don’t see dogs tweet their outrage or give you the passive-aggressive silent treatment. They’re off the grid and much more subtle. Trust in the signs that I enlist and sharpen your radar about your dog’s discontent.  

They can’t bear to look at you

It’s like one minute they’re wagging their tails and the next they’re avoiding you. Actually this extreme range is quite telling..dogs are usually excited and enthusiastic about almost everything, which goes to show that something’s up when their body language changes. In direct contrast to their usual attention-seeking behaviours, some dogs will even avoid eye contact, leave the room and avoid interacting with you. Usually flattened ears, lowered head and pursed lips are giveaways that your dog is displeased. 

Messy menace

A dog’s caprice is an impressive force. Angry dogs will pee on the bed or inside the house well past their puppy stage. If they are constantly stressed, they could even pick up a habit of destructive chewing, where they chew on furniture, your shoes and other personal items. Don’t react in anger, but find out the source of theirs and keep enough chew toys handy. 

Sir Yawns A Lot

It’s so unfortunate that yawning is considered rude. It is such a natural bodily response that humans call it contagious. But there is such a thing as too much yawning. If you discount the possibility that your dog is unimpressed by your stand up routine, it could be a sign of stress. If you see your dog yawn a lot, immediately remove her from the situation that is stressing her out. Similarly, if your dog is frequently licking her lips without any food around, or nowhere near meal time, take it as a sign of her discomfort. Compensate with pats, belly rubs and smiles, dogs love it.

 Defiance and defense

You might be bewildered if your perfect little doggy, who has been trained to respond to commands like sit, stay or roll over, refuses to obey these commands. What did you do? Cause he’s really pissed at you. Alternatively, he could be tucking his tail between his legs or whimpering and moaning, which means that he’s scared or intimidated. Both stubbornness and fear, a defensive dog make. And a cornered dog, lashes out.

Beast mode

Now you’ve really done it. Your dog is so angry that his body has stiffened up, as if to say I dare you to take one more step. He. Will. Bite. The whites of his eyes are showing, he’s growling and about to pounce. Some dogs have outbursts of rage. But you can reduce these episodes by increasing play time and exercise.   

Dogs, unlike me, are merciful creatures. They don’t hold grudges, and they easily forgive. But try not to abuse their patience and you will have my blessings and his.