Crittr travel with your pup when you can’t bear to give him up

I’m with dog: Now, travel with your pup when you can’t bear to give him up

It is superstitious to believe that it’s impossible to travel with your dog. Especially when it’s oodles more difficult to leave the poodle behind. You might have shelled out a pretty penny on a sitter to look after your dog, to know he is secure at home but your pooch is still omnipresent and omnipotent in your thoughts. Save yourself and your pet this terrible separation anxiety and let me show you the path to travel salvation.


First confirm that your pet is fit enough to fly or travel, have your valid health and Rabies vaccination certificates ready and the approval of the flight commander in case you’re traveling by flight. In fact, keep multiple copies of your pet’s documents around including your pet’s medical history in case you have to visit a new vet at your destination. Also, there are certain apps that provide valuable help.

Furry essentials

Thou will not just take thy dog and make a run for it. Do your research about your travel destination, read up on cultural differences and try to be respectful of the people around you. You might even find dog parks and communities you can join online. Before your sojourn, pack enough poop bags, a leash and a harness, collapsible water bowls, a bed, flea and tick medicine and some toys, apart from your portable kennel. 

Pet on the plane

Every year at least 4 million live animals are transported on planes. Different airlines also have their own rules to be followed. For example, Air India would require pets to be carried in soft ventilated bags or kennels no bigger than 18″ x 18″ x 12″. Larger pets are moved to the cargo hold. Place a moisture absorbent mat on the floor of the kennel and make sure your dog is properly leashed and muzzled. You, as the passenger, might be placed in the last seat.


Indian Railways has specific rules for carrying pets on trains, which you can always look up at You are required to pay an additional fee of Rs. 30 to bring your dog on board. For first-class compartments, you would be required to pay Rs. 10 per dog and arrange for food and water requirements for your dog. And your pup  must have to be leashed properly and not be a nuisance for fellow passengers. Additionally, no pets are allowed in the AC cars and if you break this rule, the train will hit the brakes on your trip.

They let the dogs in

All your suffering will be for nought if you don’t call in advance to find out if your pet is accepted in your hotel. Tree of Life Resort in Jaipur, Vivanta by Taj in Kerala, and Camp Della Resort in Lonavala do accept dogs. If you’re traveling abroad and you’re paying exchange rates, it’s worth checking out Red Roof Inn, or AirBnBs that let you stay with your pet for no additional cost.

If you prepare and be friendly with the people around you, you will have a happy trip. I bless you and your pet with safe travels!