Crittr Subtle signs your healthy dog is actually ill

Subtle signs your “healthy” dog is actually ill

Every now and then one of you asks me to show you a sign but some things are easy to miss. Like your dog, who might look alright to you now but what’s really going on beneath all that suspiciously good behaviour? Although dogs are really expressive, they don’t easily show if something’s wrong in the early stages of any illness. So these are the signs you should be looking for.

What’s up, Dog?

In times of trouble, you might find your dog a little changed or possessed. Your otherwise sweet little best friend might suddenly be snippy and aggressive. A friendly pooch might withdraw into a shell or just lie around all day, not moving much. But some dogs might be clingy or anxious. Sudden changes in a dog’s personality and you’re due for a vet visit.   

Fellowship of the flu

Maybe you’re witness to Flu dog or short for, remember when your neighbours only complained about the barking? What you’re seeing is your pup wheezing, hacking or coughing like an old man. There’s nasal discharge and red, watery eyes. A honking noise is never good. It could be a more serious tracheal issue and it’s an emergency if you notice your pet’s tongue and gums go a little blue. 

Too little too soon

Weight loss can be a good thing even for dogs, it can save them from the hell of diabetes and other complications. But sudden weight loss could indicate an underlying illness. Without changes to his diet and exercise, no dog should lose considerable weight or gain some. This sign may take a few weeks to notice, and sometimes it could be the only sign for you to consult a veterinarian.

It’s a dog don’t eat world

Although it’s normal to eat less or more now and then, a healthy dog likes to eat. A sick dog will move his food around and be uninclined to  finish it. This goes for water drinking too. If your dog is just drinking too much, it could be that he has a fever, hormone or kidney problems. An otherwise trained pet having difficulty defecating or urinating, especially in older dogs is worrisome. Bloody urine, loose stools, excessive urine, multiple bouts of diarrhoea are always things to look out and run to the vet for.

Your pet will not come and tell you he is ill, you would have to put on your detective hats. But I shout out extra blessings for the sick ones today.