Crittr the annual cost of pet ownership for the humble home

The annual cost of pet ownership for the humble home

While my children are always encouraged to give generously and help those in need, I see the world is an unequal place. In trying times, a pet pal can do a lot to lift your spirit. But thou must ensure thy pet is provided for too.


This is the most important expense for a happy pet. And while this really depends on the individual needs of your pet, (for example it might be more expensive to feed a dog rather than a fish or a cat) expect to spend around Rs. 4,000-5,000 a month and Rs. 60,000 a year on eatables. Some pets like dogs aren’t meant to eat grains and gluten and some pets need more food than others. Maybe your pet needs a strictly vegetarian diet or yak cheese-based treats, which probably means you might have to shell out on items you don’t already have in your kitchen.

Wealth on health

My child, if you want your pet to be as fit as a butcher’s dog, regular vet visits, deworming and vaccinations are a must. Depending on your pet, the average cost could amount to Rs.10,000 to 12,000 annually. Again adopting might be a cheaper option and the shelter should have already arranged for your pet’s shots for the first year.

Accidents and emergencies

The ideal human saves some money as insurance for emergencies. What if your pup hurts his paw, or your cat develops diabetes? Hell, what if your regular vet who gives you discounts, isn’t around anymore? Government veterinary hospitals are cheaper, but not necessarily the best option. So you might want to keep aside Rs. 10,000 for unforeseen medical costs. As your pet grows older, these costs will go up.   

Other essentials

Some essentials might be one-time costs like a food and water bowl, (lest you decide to retire your existing crockery). Ok, it’s more likely they will be two-time costs, seeing as your teething pet might shred his mattress to bits. Essentials include trips to the vet in private cars, travelling cages, litter boxes, chew toys, leashes, cleaning supplies, shampoos, and even a dog-owning license. This could go to Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 yearly.


Forget not, whoever sows sparingly, reaps barely. Your pet could always do with some pampering. Grooming, pet-sitting or boarding, training, professional dog-walking costs average around Rs. 72,000 annually but it really depends on your plans or rather pet-related peeves. It could also depend on the climate and weather.      

Creating a loving home for your pet is absolutely worth it for eventually, it will be your pet that makes your house, your home. 

“Take comfort in numbers and pride in your pet. But if you cannot take ownership of one of my flock, do not still withhold your love”      

(Pawlms 20:20)