Crittr Hamster Grooming

How to groom your Hamster into a whole different animal

Hamsters are not just for wheels they are also for happiness, as is written in the scriptures. And a well-groomed hamster is the brightest star in the tapestry of Earthly life. They are clean little creatures and don’t generally require extra grooming but sometimes an extra hand, like thy hand, can go a long way to help keep their fur clean and tidy.

Brush Up Basics

Hamsters are busy bodies. They dance, they breathe, they inspire. They are the greatest and smallest deities in your vicinity. Yet they spend around 20% of their time self-grooming. If your hamster ever stops grooming, take him to the vet as soon as you can — something could be wrong. In fact, you only need to step in if you think they have dirt or mats in their hair. Short-haired hamsters may not have this problem. But if you have long-haired cuties, use a clean, unused, soft-bristled toothbrush. Brush their hair once a week. You can even use a tiny rubber brush-finger (a slip-on brush for your finger) if you think they will appreciate it.

Haircuts but no facials

As you snip open a new packet of kaju barfis for me to bless, remember this: your hamster’s hair could use a good snipping too. Trimming can be an act of compassion especially in the hotter months. Male hamsters have what you can call a ‘skirt’ that may have to be trimmed, so they don’t get poop into their dish and water. But be careful about their wee tails! If there’s something toxic pasted on to that fur, remember to go snip-snip-snip. Only use water and for heaven’s sake don’t use soaps (unless your vet prescribes something specific). If your hamsters are active enough, they may not need this but remember to trim their nails too. They can get super uncomfortable if they’re too long.

Water or sand baths

Hamsters love hanging out in sand baths made up of chinchilla sand or rabbit dust as much as I love an offering of marigolds. This is a perfect cleaning method for smaller furry animals. You could put in the bath right in the cage and leave the little dude to his own devices. Just remember that the container should be sturdy like an oath to me, and should be low enough so your hamsters can climb in and out of it. If you’d still like to give your hamster a water bath, you can use a damp toothbrush or a damp cloth. Hamsters can catch a cold quite easily so make sure to hold them in dry cloth till they are dry.

Maintain that lovely overbite

Like your list of prayers to me, hamster teeth never stop growing. In my forests, with their natural bounties, a hamster would use his teeth enough to make it grow out well, to a respectable size, but in a cage, he will depend on the bounties you can provide! You can get your hamsters a variety of things such as unpainted untreated wood chips, hay from the pet store, fruit flavoured chew toys and scrap cardboard. 

‘Swacchh cage, Swasth cage’

If you’re devoted to cleaning your hamster’s cage once a week, you may not have to groom him so much. Once a week, empty the cage, wash it and replace the bedding. Bedding made of recycled paper or wood-based cat litter seems like a good option. Bless your modest little family!

Parable of the good looking hamster

Once upon a time there was a hamster who loved to look good. But after an illness took him, the poor hamster wasn’t able to groom himself too well. But because his parent didn’t know enough to brush his fur, and clip his nails, trim his skirt and help him teethe, he went into pathos. His will weakened and his love faltered. His parent woke up one day to find that his pet hamster had run away.