Crittr How to train your puppy to poo

How to train your puppy to poo

It’s in my great plan that all creatures must live and die and also eat and poo. And if you don’t want your pet pal going in your house, you will have to house train your pup. Like devotion, house training your pup is all about consistency, patience and positivity. It’s the means to a loving relationship and good habits.

Different rules for different breeds

Like all of my children are different, each pup is different even though most puppies take around 4 to 6 months to be properly house trained. Some breeds may take a year. Smaller breeds have smaller bladders and need to go more frequently. Work out a system where you encourage your fur ball to give you a signal when he wants to relieve himself. This means that you have to take him out at the first sign he gives. You can start potty training your pup when he is 12-16 weeks old. If your pup is older when you adopt him, you will have to break his previous habit of excreting where he sleeps and even eating his poo.

Crate training

It’s a good idea to crate train your puppy — teach him to stay in a confined space, or on a leash so he is more comfortable when you start taking him outside. This is only temporary till he learns the difference between where it’s okay to go and where it’s not. But stop using the crate or box if your puppy eliminates in it regularly. You can also train a puppy to stay in the crate when you can’t watch over him.

Establish good habits

I don’t care if you don’t eat non-veg on Tuesdays and Saturdays but I do about maintaining a strict feeding schedule for your pup. Don’t let your pet eat in between meals. Except if it is a reward treat. Treats don’t always have to be food. Praise, petting your friend or a walk around the neighbourhood is also a treat. Treat them when they eliminate outside. Puppies respond very well to rewards. But until your pet is potty trained, keep a strict eye on him.

Read the signs

Your pup will bark, sniff, scratch at the door, whine or walk in circles when he wants to go. Very young puppies might have to go every 30 minutes. Some puppies can hold it in for 3-4 hours depending on their age and size. Consistency is crucial so establish a routine as soon as possible. Take your pet outside to eliminate first thing in the morning and in the middle of the night. Take them out 15 minutes to an hour after they eat or drink. Also disrupt playtime and sleep to take him out so he is conditioned to go only outside. Maybe take him to the same spot so he starts associating potty with it. It could also be the same track. Use a specific word as a command only for this business, it will help the puppy learn when to go.

Accidents happen

Setbacks are okay. Puppies are easily distracted. If you catch him in the act, don’t scold him or yell, this will make them nervous or fear you. Clap loudly to let them know this is unacceptable behaviour and pick him up and take him outside immediately. Clean the area well to minimize odours which might attract the puppy back to the spot. The intention is not to scare the puppy, but to startle him. If you don’t let him back inside as punishment, he will learn to hide from you every time he has to go.

Puppies are innocent little angels. They don’t learn and compute the way humans do. They usually associate reward or punishment with their last behaviour. It’s difficult for them to generalize and discriminate. Believe in your puppy, have faith and it will all work out. Blessings!

“And should I at your harmless innocence

Melt as most do”

The seven virtues of house training:

Consistency and repetition

Patience and understanding

Reward; not punishment

Undivided attention and love


What is the difference between housebreaking and house training?

It’s the same thing! They are both words of mine. It’s the process of training a pet to stay with a family in a house — establishing dos and don’ts.

How to train a puppy to poo in one spot?

Select a spot, take your puppy there after a meal. Ignore the pup so he won’t get distracted by you. Wait for him to squat and then praise him and say the command word, ‘toilet’ or ‘poopoo’ or whatever. Repeat procedure every 20-30 minutes that he is awake.

How to train a puppy that refuses to relieve himself outside?

If you catch your puppy in the act, clap loudly once while saying ‘no’. Then take him outside immediately. The intention is to startle him and not scare him. When he does go outside, shower with him lots of praise and treats. Be patient — all’s well that ends well.