Crittr The power of birth compels you: how to care for your pregnant dog

The power of birth compels you: how to care for your pregnant dog

The miracle of birth is upon you! Your dog will soon be a mama or should I say Dog Ma? She’s put on weight, her teats are large and swollen, she’s more tired and not eating properly. But it doesn’t have to be a burden she must bear alone. If you think your pet is pregnant, take her to the vet to confirm and catch early complications. Dogs go through 3 trimesters. So you’ll be making at least 3 trips to the vet to check progress.

Set the stage

Jesus was born in a barn, Krishna in a prison. You will also have to set the stage of your pet’s puppies’ origin stories. Get your dog used to the area she will give birth in so it won’t stress her out on D-day. Ideally, this should be quiet and dark. Try to minimize stressors around her. Noise, too many guests, moving houses, or rearranging the furniture can cause her to miscarry. And while you’re at it, prepare the house for newborn puppies.

Wear kid gloves

Swear on me you’ll be careful while handling Dog Ma. However, she also needs exercise. Her muscles need to be strong to carry her unborn babies, and in shape so she can deliver them. Take her out for a light walk for 30 minutes everyday. In the last trimester continue to walk her but don’t take her to the park. Keep her away from other dogs as she might turn hostile.

Chew on this

It is fabled that Dog Ma needs enough rest and nutritious food. Ask your vet about this. Dog Mother’s needs change every trimester. In the first 30 days her nutritional needs stay the same. More food will lead to weight gain which can be a problem during whelping and developmentally affect the puppies. Unnecessary supplements can affect her hormone balance. After the first trimester, you can gradually begin to double the portions of food but break it down into smaller, more frequent meals. If you’re giving her home food, mix in supplements as directed by your vet. Also be sure to keep a full bowl of water around at all times.

Safety pills

If your dog is on any medications, stop them for the time being on the advice of your vet. I forbid you from vaccinating Dog Ma during her pregnancy. But parasites like heart worms can pass on from Dog Ma to her babies. Get your Your vet to recommend some dewormers or anti-flea treatments that are safe.

Being there

I only help those who help dogs. Be present to monitor Dog Ma giving birth. Soothe her through contraction pains. Also, she might need your help. She may get too tired, or you might have to pull a pup out. Dog Ma might forget to lick off the amniotic fluid, leaving her puppy to choke for air. She might forget to stimulate her babies, and you’ll need to nudge them awake, to start up their biological systems. If she’s in too much pain, unresponsive or if she cannot push the babies out call on your vet immediately. It’s important to know the number of expected puppies so if Dog Ma births only 4 when she was supposed to have 6, you can rush her to emergency medical care.

At last I say unto you to be happy for this rare spectacle. Praise be unto you and your ever expanding family.