Crittr How to find the best pet pal for you

Guide to Adoption: How to find the best pet pal for you

I have created myriad wonderful creatures, each with a special ability and strength. You might be love them all, or just that precious one. Your soul is limitless but right now you’re restricted by time, money and space. So how do you choose your family?

Go Fish

Surrender to the water kingdom! Aquatic animals like fish, turtles, crabs or snails are perfect if you’re looking for a peaceful pet that doesn’t require a lot of interaction. They have the power to reduce stress and anxiety. But be wise. See that you have the space for an aquarium, most fish need at least 5 gallons of water to swim around. You must be able to commit to regularly cleaning the aquarium. Don’t put a large fish in a small tanks, mix up salt and sweet water variety…Be thou humble and research well.

Homecoming Bird

These creatures come visit me ever so often and sing me songs of worship. Birds have a special place in my heart but adopting them can be tricky. There are obvious ethical questions that come to mind. But if you can train your bird and treat him well he can become a life-partner. Some larger birds can live for 50 to 60 years. Birds need to socialise, play and move around as well. Their cages need cleaning and you have to really pay attention to know if he’s sick and needs help.

A case for the Nagas

The Hindus are right to worship my reptilian friends. They’re quite exquisite. The heavens declare getting a reptile requires extensive knowledge both about the pet and the law. You, oh scholar, know about adaptation, behaviour, camouflage, environment and reproductive strategies. You like living on the edge and understand that most people will react to your babies negatively or out of fear. Plus certain snakes and lizards grow very big and need adequate space, heat lamps and water.

Mice and Men

It was great fun for me creating these puffy pockets of happiness. For those who need small, inexpensive and easy to care for cuties, rodents or rabbits might be a good match. But these animals are often need a partner. They also live very short lives but the joy of having them far outweighs the grief of losing them.

Cat-Dog people

At last I give you the most popular choice of animals. Let it rain cats and dogs! These mammals are social and high-energy pets. They are for those who can give them a lot of attention, love and space. Before becoming a cat or a dog person, make sure you have access to the outdoors, time and a stable and nurturing home. Certain breeds are very affectionate and cannot be left alone for long. Younger pets need more care and commitment. My willing, you will make the right choice.   

Adopting a pet can be a rewarding experience and is sure to get you good karma. however, I must mention here that some creatures like birds and reptiles are used to roaming freely in the wild. It is illegal to adopt or buy certain endangered species. You need to be able to take care of their needs properly or you’re being cruel to them. 

On the First Day I made fish onto them that calm did wish

The Second Day came the snake for them that adventure loved to take

Third Day I had some wine, created the bird so very divine

Fourth Day I had fun, out of magic, mice and hares I spun

Then at last the popular choice, cats and dogs were here, rejoice!’