The kitten can play year round Seasonal care for Cats Crittr-In

The kitten can play year-round! Seasonal care for Cats

Nature has the power to debase all earthly lives, even all the nine that your cat owns. Just like it can get really hot in India, it can also get wet, cold and noisy. Let me light the way on how you can care for your cat through the various seasons.

Cool cat

The small, gentle bodies of my cat children are at more risk of fatal heat strokes in the summer.  All hail the icy treats! Let your cat play with ice cubes and eat some frozen tuna brine and low-salt chicken stock. Watch your cat tread on a cooling mat or sleep soundly next to a DIY cooler (I watched you wrap up frozen vegetables in a blanket and put it near Mr. Cheshire). I hear all of you pray for rains, but do you hear your cat getting dehydrated? Put out extra bowls of fresh, cool water

Summer body

I’ve designed my cats such that they lick away their dead hair more frequently in higher temperatures. When it’s hot as hell, it’s more important to keep up on grooming as excess fur traps heat. If your cat is extra fluffy, give him a trim. Cats can get sunburns too, so invest in sunblock. Take him to the vet if his skin looks sore, scaly or crusty. If your cat doesn’t like getting wet, dab a wet towel over your cat’s fur or stroke him with wet hands. If your cat is unusually lethargic or uncoordinated, vomiting and panting heavily, he could be having a heatstroke so take him to the vet.

Rain, rain go away

When the clouds grey and the sky dims, the thunder rolls and lightning breaks, it’s not my wrath you should be worried about! A wet coat can lead to many infections. Take your cat to the vet to get dewormed and vaccinated. Ensure regular supply of clean water. As far as possible keep your cat indoors and dry. If she goes outside, pat her body and paws dry.

Stormy ideas

Your home is the divine mercy from the season of massive deluge, a refuge for the cat. You might feel as right as rain during the monsoons, but it’s likely that your cat does not. Hold your cat, give her a quiet room, make her as comfortable as possible. Give her multivitamin supplements and a fibre-rich diet to keep their immunity up, clean their ears, spray them with anti-tick and flea formula and you will appease me and your pet.

Winter of contentment

Winter in our land is not usually harsh. But if cold winds do blow hard, wrap your furry friend in extra blankets and hugs, ensure their food and water is warm. Water is life itself and its intake is low when it’s chilly, check if your cat is dehydrated. When it’s too cold outside, entertain your cat indoors. Cats tend to eat more in winters but also if they’re bored! For all our sake, keep these majesties engaged in games. Right now, abundant is the demand for wool, make this your tool.

Hell freezes over

A gift from me is due, relieve yourself from the duty of fur trimming and create warm nooks all over the house. Chances are you’ve got the flu, so don’t forget to keep your medication out of the cat’s reach. If your cat is unsteady, shivering, weak, breathing shallow, it could be hypothermia and you should take him to the vet.

Follow my direction and come rain or shine, your cat will know they’re loved. Good luck and my speed to you!

Story of a miracle

Once upon a time, a milk maid owned a kitten named Whiskers. The maid was unnerved when she found out that not only was the kitten growing, the world outside too was changing. Once she got a routine set, the weather transformed and she came back to where she started. But she didn’t give up, she tried and tried again. She worked hard with courage and confidence. A year later, when one cycle of seasons was done, the kitten morphed into an apsara and granted the maid three boons. So, she got three more cats!